April 29 – May 1, 2011: Handcoverings

From Our Hands to Yours
The Art and History of Hand Coverings

taught by Judith MacKenzie and Nancy Bush

15th century Italian bishop’s gloves, knit of fine silk and gold threads in an intricately patterned brocade; Estonian wedding mittens, rich in color and symbols; the homespun wool and buckskin of a western cowboy —  to look at the history of hand coverings is to look at the history of textiles itself.  In this workshop, we’ll explore hand coverings of all kinds – wrist warmers, beaded wristlets, gloves, mittens, fingerless gloves, gauntlets.  We’ll spin different types of fibers, into perfect yarns for three unique hand coverings: a western buffalo wristlet, a reverse twist twined mitten and an elegant glove.  We’ll learn how to get a perfect fit, try  a variety of thumb shapings, and use some lovely finishing and embellishment techniques, all designed to make your hand coverings as distinctly yours as the fingerprints they are keeping warm.

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