Spinning and Knitting Estonian Lace

April 24, 25, 26, 2009

Estonia has a lace knitting tradition spanning nearly 200 years. Learn about the history, fiber and yarn, the stitch patterns, and construction of these lovely garments. This workshop will begin with a focus on spinning a fine yarn for knitting Estonian lace. You will learn what fleeces and commercially prepared fibers are suitable for spinning this particular type of yarn.

Spinning will be done on the wheel, but you will be encouraged to use traditional spindles as well. In the first part of the class, learn how to spin consistently and to a given lace diameter, how to spin both a single and a two-ply, stable lace yarn.

In the second part of the class, learn the techniques for knitting Estonian lace, making the main pattern with some unique stitches, and adding several styles of edges. You will have the skills to make a shawl at the end of the class.

Skill level: Able to spin a continuous thread and have intermediate knitting skills.

Materials fee: $50

Class: $180

Here is a checklist to help you pack! :)