Estonian Island Weekend

Please join us for an Estonian Island weekend March 27, 28, 29 being offered by The Trading Post for Fiber Arts and being held at The Pendleton Conservation Club in the park in Pendleton.
The cost is $345 plus a materials fee which will be well under $100, probably under $60.  Do not have final numbers on that.  Please contact Susan at or call 765-778-3331 or 765-621-9511. Hope you can join us.  Should be a very fun weekend. Nancy has visited Estonia a number of times and Kate and I joined her for a two week journey several years ago.  It is a magical place!  There are sure to be lots of pictures and stories as well as authentic Estonia items to view.

Estonian Island Weekend
with Nancy Bush and Kate Larson

Dates: March 27,28,29
Place: Pendleton Conservation Club

Join Kate Larson and Nancy Bush for a weekend visit to the world of Estonian spinning and knitting. Our days will be focused on creating Gloves, Mittens or Mitts (your choice) which include interesting Estonian cuffs and can be embellished with traditional embroidery motifs from southern Estonia and one of the most traditional islands, Kihnu. Learn how to spin a wool yarn close to what the Estonians use for their base yarn, and then how to spin several wool embroidery yarns for the embellishments. We will use a variety of different wool fibers from Estonia and closer to home.

The course will also cover several Estonian cast ons, some traditional cuff patterns which include colorful lateral braids, and other uniquely Estonian techniques, thumb and finger construction for gloves, as well as mitten and mitt construction, and how to decorate and finish each item. Included in the class will be enough commercial yarn to complete each pattern offered.