Have you heard about Spinzilla? Spinzilla is a spinning competition hosted by the National Needleworkers Association during Spinning and Weaving Week–October 6 – 12.The goal is for each Spinzilla team (up to twenty-five spinners) to spin as many yards of singles as possible in a week’s time. Team members do not need to spin together or even live in the same state. The point of the competition is to help spinners learn, plan projects, and above all, SPIN!

The Trading Post has just registered a team–our first year participating! We would love to have you join our ranks. Skill level isn’t important–this is for fun and the love of our craft. During the competition week, we will gather several times, but you are welcome to join the team even if you can’t gather in person. (Your yardage spun per day is reported to the team captain.)

Interested? Register online here. There is a $10 registration fee, which is a donation to a fiber arts mentorship program. Team member registration is open until September 22, but  the teams are filling quickly! Shauna Moore has volunteered to act as team captain for the Trading Post Spinners–thank you, Shauna! If you have questions contact Shauna or Susan. Join us!

Susan Markle tradingpostfiber@aol.com
Shauna Moore naturewife@gmail.com

Learn more on Spinzilla.org.

Kate Larson