Additional Tablet Weaving Workshop Info

Tablet Weaving Start to Finish

This is a project-oriented workshop. We will start by creating an
original tablet woven design, threading the cards, and weaving a
single project to completion.

Tips and tricks will be offered throughout, as well as discussions
on good weaving habits.

We will explore finishing techniques and turning a woven band
into a useful item using minimal sewing skills.

This workshop is good for those less interested in the theory
of tablet weaving and more interested in project-oriented

No tablet weaving experience required.

Physical Setup: Tables at least 4’ long.
Material Fee: $15
Students Min/Max: 4/18
Skill Level: Beginner, No weaving experience required


  • scissors
  • yarn needle
  • lots of different colored yarns in varying types and sizes
    (Excessively hairy yarns should be avoided.)
  • graph paper and
  • colored pencils

John Mallarkey

John Mullarkey has been tablet weaving and spinning for more
than 7 years. He has developed software freely available on
his website which enables one to easily design tablet weaving
patterns. His ongoing mission is to find the perfect tablet
weaving loom for this loom-less art.

For more information click on John’s picture & visit his website.